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digitaldevelopment.com is a truly all-round web development and -services company that focuses on creating value for clients.

digitaldevelopment.com has since developed and produced over 120 projects ranging from travel- and company sites to extensive eCommerce and event-projects, for prestigious clients in over 25 countries, including USA, Britain, Australia, Holland, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Middle East and, of course, Indonesia.

Custome Website Architecture, Design and Development

Conceptualising and developing highly effective custom website projects for first-class clients in over 10 countries worldwide...

Semi-custom Website Construction & Upgrading

Utilising pre-developed modules to deliver high- quality, functional websites or renovations and upgrades at very low costs.....

Website Promotion, Positioning, Announcing & Marketing

Attracting relevant traffic, optimizing the value and effectiveness of your site investment for your online business....

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What's New

  • 27-Dec-10

    digitaldevelopment.com just finished revamping Kemang Travel website. In addition to that, Kemtravel also now with online ticket reservation, hotel reservation and providing corporate service for ticketing systems.

  • 13-Jul-10

    Kemang Travel, one of leading travel company in Jakarta asking digitaldevelopment to build and develop strategy for their new website called Wisata-Muslim.com

  • 12-Jul-10

    Verity HR is a professional Search and Selection company and Recruitment Consultancy formed in Australia and Indonesia just relaunched their website with online CV submissions features.

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